Monday, September 5, 2016

Of Mice and Brave Little Girls

I was just fixing my oatmeal and remembered the time there was a mouse in the old clock radio. (Chuckle Chuckle). We were all at the table eating our yummy oats when the little critter appeared. Kristine being the oh so brave meandered over to the radio and pulled it out. Well that's when the fun began. The Mouse and Kristine both freaked out. It was the finest display of stationary panic I have seen to this date!!! The rest of the oat eaters with  jaw dropped amazement at the display, eyes wide with amusement did not waste one precious drop of oatmeal. Pat may have fell of the chair laughing though.

 Well, clearly you jest!
without the bravery of Kristine (who being myself can readily attest to this)this Bubonic plague bearing rodent could very well have killed all in the house. It was my hysterics that frightened the aforementioned rodent with his festering fleas away from house for all eternity, and Pat fell off his chair in an attempt to jump up and applaud me. I do concur however that the mother of household was quivering in a corner uncontrollably switching between terror and anger....

and lets' not forget the "Cream of Wheat on the Window" incident

p.s. as long as we are personally writing the history of the family due to lack of participation we may as well make it good!