Photos by Challenge

Here's Your Sign.

Good to know

The 38th runs through the valley ( we are on the south side)

Between Fort Garland and San Luis.

And there they are. They are not using their sign 

 Merry Christmas !!! And a Happy New Year...

Christmas Spirit

Rice Krispy Treats " the dog ate these ,but I bet they would have been tasty"

Swede Pancakes Christmas morning 

Special to me.

Cardinal for Luck 


 The Oldest Church in Colorado
Castle made of old junk (In Antonito)

Steam Engine getting ready to go

Stylish Roller Skates( Dancing Queen )

Old  structure that is possibly part of old  Sawmill industry South Durras Near Depot Beach

Old Beach Shack

the rest are a variety of shots from the Picton Railway Viaduct constructed between 1863-1867 and  the oldest in NSW still in use


Erin's Water Life (just water) lol

The Sand Queen

The Sand King

Medano Creek at the sand dunes national park

Rough Creek falls

Cunji (or bait if you prefer)
Sooty Oystercatcher
Great Cormorant (or Shag)

Great Cormorant (or Shag)

Great Cormorant (or Shag)

Little Pied Cormorant

Grow my pretties... grow!

Abandoned Nest
At Alamosa Wild Life Refuge

 Lockness Monster of the BLM Ponds

 High Mountain Pelicans

Just a duck

More Ducks

And what is water life with out pure Rocky Mountain Spring Water
(It took a six pack but I finally got it, you should see the rest of the days pics!)


Erin's Trees

looking down at Rocky Mountain Lodge
At Bonville

Paper Bark

the "Gin Tree"


Lichen on Japanese maple

Cathy's Mango Tree

Forest at night

Windswept at Sawtell

Tree top

Aspen Groves

Blue Spruce

Flock of Pines

If a tree falls in the forest ?

Only known as Mom and Dads Bean Tree

Sadly there was a fire two years ago .
So destructive.



Here are my contributions to the sShadow challenge

Morning Shadows

These ones are for you Michelle our breakfast table
and the Shadows cast bt Roo POO

Shadow from the Valley

Tree Shadows

 The Roo
 Dog shadow

Making own shadow( Cloudy Outside)
Which puts us at the next challenge

 Having fun with this one got a lot of pics , so I chose a few I liked best
taken out the back of my house for a few weeks. Think I will keep practicing on these.

                                           Clouds are always changing !!!

Tried to catch the rays

 Out the front
Bubbling up over the Mount Blanca.

This one is my favorite.

Ok here they are not much in the way of clouds having happened lately. Will probably be going brilliant clouds now this is over.