Friday, November 25, 2016

Roadside Shenanigans

I kid you not...I just saw a green and yellow Urgleglurk with seven purple eyes...

Saturday, October 29, 2016


AHH Halloween, What can we say about this crazy celebration of candy overload.

Greg losing his candy.

I was remembering the time a little frog ( Gregory at around 4 or 5 years of age) went trick or treating . Being that it was Halloween it was  cold and snowy but that didn't stop the frog he hopped and skipped door to door filling his bag with candy . Unfortunately the little toad also dragged his bag on the ground the whole way home causing the paper bag ( that's what we used back then, yup paper ) to rip a hole in the bottom . Well he lost all his candy up and down the neighborhood .Fortunately his older, wiser and a bit taller siblings had plenty to share  Of course mom said she could remember his face( you know the one ) when he went to show dad all his candy. Kind of feel like this story has a hidden moral somewhere .

A shout out to the queen of Halloween costume.

Mom, no matter what kinda crazy thing we wanted to be for Halloween this women could whip it up and do 5 times . She always made Halloween fun ! Oh and thanks to Dad we never had to worry about the chocolate candy being bad, after all you can't put a razor blade in the crappy candy only the good stuff.

I really liked that Peter Pan costume .

Carving Pumpkins on the kitchen floor with the entire Sunday paper spread all over, we would draw and dad and mom cut. funny how they all looked the same anyway hmmm. And how itchy is pumpkin gut ?Surprised nobody got the hives HEE.

Pat as the headless horseman !!! nothing normal here

Monday, September 5, 2016

Of Mice and Brave Little Girls

I was just fixing my oatmeal and remembered the time there was a mouse in the old clock radio. (Chuckle Chuckle). We were all at the table eating our yummy oats when the little critter appeared. Kristine being the oh so brave meandered over to the radio and pulled it out. Well that's when the fun began. The Mouse and Kristine both freaked out. It was the finest display of stationary panic I have seen to this date!!! The rest of the oat eaters with  jaw dropped amazement at the display, eyes wide with amusement did not waste one precious drop of oatmeal. Pat may have fell of the chair laughing though.

 Well, clearly you jest!
without the bravery of Kristine (who being myself can readily attest to this)this Bubonic plague bearing rodent could very well have killed all in the house. It was my hysterics that frightened the aforementioned rodent with his festering fleas away from house for all eternity, and Pat fell off his chair in an attempt to jump up and applaud me. I do concur however that the mother of household was quivering in a corner uncontrollably switching between terror and anger....

and lets' not forget the "Cream of Wheat on the Window" incident

p.s. as long as we are personally writing the history of the family due to lack of participation we may as well make it good!


Sunday, August 7, 2016

Events Three and Four in the Zenobia Games

 Event Three: Brother Baiting
When the simple phrase "stay out of my room" becomes a challenge... how far can you poke a finger into the doorway followed up with a sprint to the lockable bathroom across the way.  The very brave would test their balance by pushing a toe across the threshold. The real endurance test here came with out lasting the Pat or going out the window... Who ever could out last the Pat? To this day no one has matched his swiftness in leaping from top bunk landing a mere 2 steps from the said bathroom down the hall with much finesse and a bit of a war cry.

Event Four: The ever popular (with crowds everywhere) MHS or Moms Home Scramble!

This event occurred when the lookout sibling would give the shout "Moms coming she's nearly home!" as the brown wagon aka Bart Bart the Big Brown Fart, came rolling menacingly down Zenobia towards old #6525.

The speed and adeptness with which team "The Strahl 5" could pack away peanut butter and wash the spoons, change tv channels and jump from the furniture to postures of laying about doing what had been expected was phenomenal and such skill has not been seen or heard of since.
The top mark went to the Skull of team member Greg that as far as we know( ??)suffered no long term effects from use as a battery ram after a Blind Man's Bluff game  pushed the scramble time envelope to it's very edge.

Event Five: Snickerdoodling,

This event was added to the Zenobia games , competitor's had to show their skill in speed mixing up a batch of cookie dough. Snicker Doodle being the choice of most. (Due to it always available ingredients and its overall mixability).Then proceeding to the next skill set, taste ( this was important).Then they had to show that it would stick to a wall or other competitor . Now the true skill was waiting to see if the judge( AKA Mom) would notice the marks on the wall by which she would rate the grease stains on a scale of @##$ to @!@#. And ending the game with the above said MHS. The Strahl 5, on the edge again and again. WE TAKE THE GOLD!!!

Which leads to the event known as Oat Meal Switch- a- Roo!!!

Anybody ?

Saturday, August 6, 2016

RIP Uncle Billy

A wonderful, humourous man has now moved on.
So many memories what are your best ones?
I remember when I was acting GM for Lakewood Perkins until the new guy came in ( John Carroll our wonderful cousin) . It must have been a Christmas celebration or something and Billy asked who took my place and when told he pushed John off a chair and asked why'd you do that to my niece. Keep in mind I didn't want nor was I trained for said job. This was all done in jest but rather surprised John I think.
Remember Billy not really getting the appeal of Battle Star Galactica
The White Ghost
So many memories but only concrete thing I can place is he was more a part of our lives and it is sad he is gone. He always included us in his conversations when we were young  maybe not always the best idea;)
Share any Billy memories as they come to you here....

Friday, August 5, 2016

Well the summer Olympics are just about to begin !!! Go USA and AUS, Now this all reminds me of the year of the great Barbie diving competition !! The games were held at Zenobia, and as it was a very close race for the gold. All was going good as team Kristine went for a super quadruple side spinning dive of about 20 ft in flight. She got a 10 from all the judges (except France HEE). Team Barb nailed a butterfly spin spiral under tuck. Scored well ( except for France ).Then team Michelle did a remarkable flip about spin and side toe slide and you guessed it ( except for France). The competition went an like this for some time until it all came to a tragic end. Now I don't recall whose Barbie went up and never came down.

I also don't know who did not come down, but brings to mind the 4 wheel drive in the Winnebego of Greg Barbie adventures


Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Great Swing Incident:

This one comes to mind as Danny has recently posted the Cabin thread on Facebook. Below is a true and accurate telling of that fateful day above Central City.

Michelle was swinging on the swing attached to the tree having bossily ordered her quiet, unassuming younger sister(myself) Kristine to push her.
"No that's not high enough push harder!" Michelle barked. "Oh just get out of the way and let me swing"
I tried to explain that if I moved the danger of her hitting the tree would be too great for me to bear, but Michelle in her stubbornness (a rebel even at that young age) would have none of it.
Well, Lo and behold!
as soon as I stepped away Michelle slammed into the tree at a rate not unlike that of a bowling ball hitting a strike. There WAS NO LAUGHTER as she fell at a right angle just like in the cartoons. hee hee  I said there was NO LAUGHTER, hitting the ground with a resounding thud, maybe it was more of a thunk, I was to distraught in my grief to say. At this point Michelle got up and wandered aimlessly away up the hill in what can only be described as a stupor. Despite all my efforts at seeing to her safety the parents had to be brought in to assist.

Here is a photo from the 2010 Re-enactment of the above event. Note that Michelle at this time lured in the even younger sister (Barb) to be burdened with her care. Note the careless manner she swings with no heed for her own safety.

And the other side:


4 days ago  -  Shared privately
Although this is a somewhat true story its was not quite accurate . My somewhat quite and shy little sister also has an impaired memory  . The true story goes somewhat like this:

The oldest and wisest daughter of Butch and Babe (AKA Princess Michelle) was walking through the forest singing and playing with the woodland creature when she happened upon 3 trolls .The trolls were guarding what looked to be a dangerous tire contraption hanging from a large tree. She kindly asked the three what it was and why they were guarding it .Why it's a magical swing the loud one (aka Kristine) replied. The other two (Pat and Barb)chimed in " won't you give it a try? It is so much fun and perfectly safe". Although Michelle was weary of the trolls.(being they have a reputation for stretching the truth a little bit) she really wanted to give the swing a try so she agreed to let them push her if they would not push her to high. She got on the swing and at that moment knew that the little trolls had tricked her..They pushed and pushed even though Michelle was begging them to stop because she would hit the tree. They laughed and laughed and danced and danced, pushing higher and higher. As Michelle slammed into the tree she could see them running off to do more trickery through out the woods. She soon regained her bearing to find that she new not were she was , but was soon located . Of course the three knew nothing of what happened when questioned by the supreme rulers of the forest. She was not angry with the trolls because after all it was not there fault they got the troll gene in the family. And they all lived ever after!!!!!

On another note I loved going to Uncle Buds cabin. Remembering how we used to pretend that the clearing just past the pump was our own little secret forest,  sledding on the glacier in July, looking for the gold bars that Uncle Bud said were buried up there by train robbers.( Not so sure that wasn't  just to keep us busy ). The Christmas tree by the front porch and many more happy times !!!

Happy times indeed how about riding in the back of Bud's Scout : and before there were trolls...

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Who are we?

Ok everyone I have invited one and all and you can all post here. If you don't feel like posting that is also ok as my version of things is probably more accurate anyway mwah ha ha.