Saturday, August 6, 2016

RIP Uncle Billy

A wonderful, humourous man has now moved on.
So many memories what are your best ones?
I remember when I was acting GM for Lakewood Perkins until the new guy came in ( John Carroll our wonderful cousin) . It must have been a Christmas celebration or something and Billy asked who took my place and when told he pushed John off a chair and asked why'd you do that to my niece. Keep in mind I didn't want nor was I trained for said job. This was all done in jest but rather surprised John I think.
Remember Billy not really getting the appeal of Battle Star Galactica
The White Ghost
So many memories but only concrete thing I can place is he was more a part of our lives and it is sad he is gone. He always included us in his conversations when we were young  maybe not always the best idea;)
Share any Billy memories as they come to you here....