Sunday, August 7, 2016

Events Three and Four in the Zenobia Games

 Event Three: Brother Baiting
When the simple phrase "stay out of my room" becomes a challenge... how far can you poke a finger into the doorway followed up with a sprint to the lockable bathroom across the way.  The very brave would test their balance by pushing a toe across the threshold. The real endurance test here came with out lasting the Pat or going out the window... Who ever could out last the Pat? To this day no one has matched his swiftness in leaping from top bunk landing a mere 2 steps from the said bathroom down the hall with much finesse and a bit of a war cry.

Event Four: The ever popular (with crowds everywhere) MHS or Moms Home Scramble!

This event occurred when the lookout sibling would give the shout "Moms coming she's nearly home!" as the brown wagon aka Bart Bart the Big Brown Fart, came rolling menacingly down Zenobia towards old #6525.

The speed and adeptness with which team "The Strahl 5" could pack away peanut butter and wash the spoons, change tv channels and jump from the furniture to postures of laying about doing what had been expected was phenomenal and such skill has not been seen or heard of since.
The top mark went to the Skull of team member Greg that as far as we know( ??)suffered no long term effects from use as a battery ram after a Blind Man's Bluff game  pushed the scramble time envelope to it's very edge.

Event Five: Snickerdoodling,

This event was added to the Zenobia games , competitor's had to show their skill in speed mixing up a batch of cookie dough. Snicker Doodle being the choice of most. (Due to it always available ingredients and its overall mixability).Then proceeding to the next skill set, taste ( this was important).Then they had to show that it would stick to a wall or other competitor . Now the true skill was waiting to see if the judge( AKA Mom) would notice the marks on the wall by which she would rate the grease stains on a scale of @##$ to @!@#. And ending the game with the above said MHS. The Strahl 5, on the edge again and again. WE TAKE THE GOLD!!!

Which leads to the event known as Oat Meal Switch- a- Roo!!!

Anybody ?