Friday, August 5, 2016

Well the summer Olympics are just about to begin !!! Go USA and AUS, Now this all reminds me of the year of the great Barbie diving competition !! The games were held at Zenobia, and as it was a very close race for the gold. All was going good as team Kristine went for a super quadruple side spinning dive of about 20 ft in flight. She got a 10 from all the judges (except France HEE). Team Barb nailed a butterfly spin spiral under tuck. Scored well ( except for France ).Then team Michelle did a remarkable flip about spin and side toe slide and you guessed it ( except for France). The competition went an like this for some time until it all came to a tragic end. Now I don't recall whose Barbie went up and never came down.

I also don't know who did not come down, but brings to mind the 4 wheel drive in the Winnebego of Greg Barbie adventures