Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Great Swing Incident:

This one comes to mind as Danny has recently posted the Cabin thread on Facebook. Below is a true and accurate telling of that fateful day above Central City.

Michelle was swinging on the swing attached to the tree having bossily ordered her quiet, unassuming younger sister(myself) Kristine to push her.
"No that's not high enough push harder!" Michelle barked. "Oh just get out of the way and let me swing"
I tried to explain that if I moved the danger of her hitting the tree would be too great for me to bear, but Michelle in her stubbornness (a rebel even at that young age) would have none of it.
Well, Lo and behold!
as soon as I stepped away Michelle slammed into the tree at a rate not unlike that of a bowling ball hitting a strike. There WAS NO LAUGHTER as she fell at a right angle just like in the cartoons. hee hee  I said there was NO LAUGHTER, hitting the ground with a resounding thud, maybe it was more of a thunk, I was to distraught in my grief to say. At this point Michelle got up and wandered aimlessly away up the hill in what can only be described as a stupor. Despite all my efforts at seeing to her safety the parents had to be brought in to assist.

Here is a photo from the 2010 Re-enactment of the above event. Note that Michelle at this time lured in the even younger sister (Barb) to be burdened with her care. Note the careless manner she swings with no heed for her own safety.

And the other side:


4 days ago  -  Shared privately
Although this is a somewhat true story its was not quite accurate . My somewhat quite and shy little sister also has an impaired memory  . The true story goes somewhat like this:

The oldest and wisest daughter of Butch and Babe (AKA Princess Michelle) was walking through the forest singing and playing with the woodland creature when she happened upon 3 trolls .The trolls were guarding what looked to be a dangerous tire contraption hanging from a large tree. She kindly asked the three what it was and why they were guarding it .Why it's a magical swing the loud one (aka Kristine) replied. The other two (Pat and Barb)chimed in " won't you give it a try? It is so much fun and perfectly safe". Although Michelle was weary of the trolls.(being they have a reputation for stretching the truth a little bit) she really wanted to give the swing a try so she agreed to let them push her if they would not push her to high. She got on the swing and at that moment knew that the little trolls had tricked her..They pushed and pushed even though Michelle was begging them to stop because she would hit the tree. They laughed and laughed and danced and danced, pushing higher and higher. As Michelle slammed into the tree she could see them running off to do more trickery through out the woods. She soon regained her bearing to find that she new not were she was , but was soon located . Of course the three knew nothing of what happened when questioned by the supreme rulers of the forest. She was not angry with the trolls because after all it was not there fault they got the troll gene in the family. And they all lived ever after!!!!!

On another note I loved going to Uncle Buds cabin. Remembering how we used to pretend that the clearing just past the pump was our own little secret forest,  sledding on the glacier in July, looking for the gold bars that Uncle Bud said were buried up there by train robbers.( Not so sure that wasn't  just to keep us busy ). The Christmas tree by the front porch and many more happy times !!!

Happy times indeed how about riding in the back of Bud's Scout : and before there were trolls...