Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Easter Lamb Cake
Started out as a normal family gathering on a  lovely spring day. Everyone was there. Grandma Thelma, Grandma Mickey, The Carroll's (Don, Karen , John, ad Mike, The Haulman's (Wild Bill formally known as Uncle Billy), Ruby , and Gary) and of course the Zenobia Gang
Karen was in charge of creating a dessert  that would be seasonal. She found a cake mold in the shape of a  lamb. I think it was probably one of Grandma Mickey's hidden treasures. As we found out cake decorating was not a skill Karen had learned yet. The lamb was iced in an awful shade of purple. I think that I shall never see a purple lamb, cow or any other farm animals. Of course good ol' Wild Bill not knowing for being tactful kept repeating Babe that is the ugliest cake I've ever seen. he would not shut up. Finally dad calmed him down and told him Karen had made it. Of course Karen was crying the Grandma's were stewing. Wild Bill was embarrassed  probably for the first and last time in his life,
.It took a while but they became friends in later years That is why we do not eat purple food and still have great family gatherings The cake did taste good

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Great Baby Sitter Caper

As I recall it was a Friday night in late March of 1965." The Strahl's at that time consisted of a mother, a father, and 2 very young children" were having a quite evening meal. Through the front door came Uncle Billy, Aunt Ruby,and Little Gary,  stating  that they were heading to Albuquerque to visit Grandpa Ray and we were going with them. We were so excited and got up from the table, threw a few things into bag (yes a brown paper  bag). Loaded the three children in the car and all headed south down US 285. In 1965 it was not a nice highway especially in the dead of night. A quite trip until Ruby (the driver) pulled off the road to settle a dispute on her skills as a driver. Uncle Billy and Aunt Ruby settled it with a short fist fight.The rest of the way was very silent and peaceful.Checked into the Motel early Sat. morning. After a short rest, set out to see Grandpa. He wanted to take us to a GO-GO Club that evening. Next problem a baby sitter must be found. Now where to look in a strange town. Putting our heads together we solved the problem. Off to the local laundry mat to check out the bulletin board. As luck would have it, we found a  little old lady that agreed to come to the Motel a 8:00 that night.
Had a great time visiting with Grandpa and headed home early Sunday morning.
The story has 2 things not to do
1. Never leave town with dinner dishes on the table (Isn't pleasant when you return 2 days later
2. Don't tell your adult children about hiring a strange baby sitter found  at the local laundry mat.
The look on their face was a gotcha type of moment

Saturday, January 21, 2017


Barb reminded me of this before I made a huge fashion mistake a few days ago.
Just when you think your fashion sense could not get any lower it happened. Yes I am referring to the culottes craze of the 1970's . Now in general it wasn't that bad. It was like having a pair of pants that was a skirt. Barb pointed out to me that Barbara Stanwick wore them all the time. (You all remember the BIG VALLEY) .And really who didn't want to look like her. Anyway back on point. We were all going to this big shindig over at uncle Buds for Donny's going away or coming home ( cant' remember)from the service and mom made us girls some culottes. Not the kind Barbara Stanwick wore either. I am not sure where she found the lovely fabric for these but I can bet it was on the clearance rack at TG&Y. OH it was loaded with sailboats and anchors and various nautical pictures. Was it the Navy Donny was in???.Have never ever or will ever never consider wearing culottes again. Lets see I think there was a red white and blue, a green blue and white ???  We sure looked sharp( Gone with the wind sharp if you know what I mean.  I still don't know why Pat and Gregory didn't get any it just was not fair. THANK YOU B for reminding me of this before I purchased some !!!!
PS. Mom you are the best love you . Not all girls can say their mom was a fashionista !!!!! Now get out there and make the boys some I think you hurt their feelings.
On another note, if you google culottes a few choice web sights pop up HEEE.
Looking for a Pic anyone ???

Friday, November 25, 2016

Roadside Shenanigans

I kid you not...I just saw a green and yellow Urgleglurk with seven purple eyes...

Saturday, October 29, 2016


AHH Halloween, What can we say about this crazy celebration of candy overload.

Greg losing his candy.

I was remembering the time a little frog ( Gregory at around 4 or 5 years of age) went trick or treating . Being that it was Halloween it was  cold and snowy but that didn't stop the frog he hopped and skipped door to door filling his bag with candy . Unfortunately the little toad also dragged his bag on the ground the whole way home causing the paper bag ( that's what we used back then, yup paper ) to rip a hole in the bottom . Well he lost all his candy up and down the neighborhood .Fortunately his older, wiser and a bit taller siblings had plenty to share  Of course mom said she could remember his face( you know the one ) when he went to show dad all his candy. Kind of feel like this story has a hidden moral somewhere .

A shout out to the queen of Halloween costume.

Mom, no matter what kinda crazy thing we wanted to be for Halloween this women could whip it up and do 5 times . She always made Halloween fun ! Oh and thanks to Dad we never had to worry about the chocolate candy being bad, after all you can't put a razor blade in the crappy candy only the good stuff.

I really liked that Peter Pan costume .

Carving Pumpkins on the kitchen floor with the entire Sunday paper spread all over, we would draw and dad and mom cut. funny how they all looked the same anyway hmmm. And how itchy is pumpkin gut ?Surprised nobody got the hives HEE.

Pat as the headless horseman !!! nothing normal here

Monday, September 5, 2016

Of Mice and Brave Little Girls

I was just fixing my oatmeal and remembered the time there was a mouse in the old clock radio. (Chuckle Chuckle). We were all at the table eating our yummy oats when the little critter appeared. Kristine being the oh so brave meandered over to the radio and pulled it out. Well that's when the fun began. The Mouse and Kristine both freaked out. It was the finest display of stationary panic I have seen to this date!!! The rest of the oat eaters with  jaw dropped amazement at the display, eyes wide with amusement did not waste one precious drop of oatmeal. Pat may have fell of the chair laughing though.

 Well, clearly you jest!
without the bravery of Kristine (who being myself can readily attest to this)this Bubonic plague bearing rodent could very well have killed all in the house. It was my hysterics that frightened the aforementioned rodent with his festering fleas away from house for all eternity, and Pat fell off his chair in an attempt to jump up and applaud me. I do concur however that the mother of household was quivering in a corner uncontrollably switching between terror and anger....

and lets' not forget the "Cream of Wheat on the Window" incident

p.s. as long as we are personally writing the history of the family due to lack of participation we may as well make it good!