Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Easter Lamb Cake
Started out as a normal family gathering on a  lovely spring day. Everyone was there. Grandma Thelma, Grandma Mickey, The Carroll's (Don, Karen , John, ad Mike, The Haulman's (Wild Bill formally known as Uncle Billy), Ruby , and Gary) and of course the Zenobia Gang
Karen was in charge of creating a dessert  that would be seasonal. She found a cake mold in the shape of a  lamb. I think it was probably one of Grandma Mickey's hidden treasures. As we found out cake decorating was not a skill Karen had learned yet. The lamb was iced in an awful shade of purple. I think that I shall never see a purple lamb, cow or any other farm animals. Of course good ol' Wild Bill not knowing for being tactful kept repeating Babe that is the ugliest cake I've ever seen. he would not shut up. Finally dad calmed him down and told him Karen had made it. Of course Karen was crying the Grandma's were stewing. Wild Bill was embarrassed  probably for the first and last time in his life,
.It took a while but they became friends in later years That is why we do not eat purple food and still have great family gatherings The cake did taste good