Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Great Baby Sitter Caper

As I recall it was a Friday night in late March of 1965." The Strahl's at that time consisted of a mother, a father, and 2 very young children" were having a quite evening meal. Through the front door came Uncle Billy, Aunt Ruby,and Little Gary,  stating  that they were heading to Albuquerque to visit Grandpa Ray and we were going with them. We were so excited and got up from the table, threw a few things into bag (yes a brown paper  bag). Loaded the three children in the car and all headed south down US 285. In 1965 it was not a nice highway especially in the dead of night. A quite trip until Ruby (the driver) pulled off the road to settle a dispute on her skills as a driver. Uncle Billy and Aunt Ruby settled it with a short fist fight.The rest of the way was very silent and peaceful.Checked into the Motel early Sat. morning. After a short rest, set out to see Grandpa. He wanted to take us to a GO-GO Club that evening. Next problem a baby sitter must be found. Now where to look in a strange town. Putting our heads together we solved the problem. Off to the local laundry mat to check out the bulletin board. As luck would have it, we found a  little old lady that agreed to come to the Motel a 8:00 that night.
Had a great time visiting with Grandpa and headed home early Sunday morning.
The story has 2 things not to do
1. Never leave town with dinner dishes on the table (Isn't pleasant when you return 2 days later
2. Don't tell your adult children about hiring a strange baby sitter found  at the local laundry mat.
The look on their face was a gotcha type of moment