Saturday, October 29, 2016


AHH Halloween, What can we say about this crazy celebration of candy overload.

Greg losing his candy.

I was remembering the time a little frog ( Gregory at around 4 or 5 years of age) went trick or treating . Being that it was Halloween it was  cold and snowy but that didn't stop the frog he hopped and skipped door to door filling his bag with candy . Unfortunately the little toad also dragged his bag on the ground the whole way home causing the paper bag ( that's what we used back then, yup paper ) to rip a hole in the bottom . Well he lost all his candy up and down the neighborhood .Fortunately his older, wiser and a bit taller siblings had plenty to share  Of course mom said she could remember his face( you know the one ) when he went to show dad all his candy. Kind of feel like this story has a hidden moral somewhere .

A shout out to the queen of Halloween costume.

Mom, no matter what kinda crazy thing we wanted to be for Halloween this women could whip it up and do 5 times . She always made Halloween fun ! Oh and thanks to Dad we never had to worry about the chocolate candy being bad, after all you can't put a razor blade in the crappy candy only the good stuff.

I really liked that Peter Pan costume .

Carving Pumpkins on the kitchen floor with the entire Sunday paper spread all over, we would draw and dad and mom cut. funny how they all looked the same anyway hmmm. And how itchy is pumpkin gut ?Surprised nobody got the hives HEE.

Pat as the headless horseman !!! nothing normal here